Cyber Security, Visibility, and Segmentation for Industrial Plants

Opscura’s drop-in solution makes OT security cost-effective, simple, and immediate. Implementing OT security no longer comes with reconfiguration, downtime, or expenses.

We are losing the battle against hackers in our operational environments.


increase in attacks last year

This is escalating at a disturbing rate.


of all ransomware attacks

targeted manufacturing subsectors.

Bad actors are now targeting disruption as well as monetary gain.

Why are we taking so long to add security to our mission-critical plants, facilities and satellite locations?

  • Today’s IT-focused deployment solutions don’t easily work in OT, especially not brownfield
  • Deployment costs are too high and the deployment downtime is debilitating
  • OT security needs to go deeper than IT security

The cure was worse than the disease… Until now.

Now you can quickly and easily add visibility, segmentation and legacy asset cloaking with a drop-in, vendor-agile solution.

Near-zero downtime

Deploy in two hours

No reconfiguring
or re-IP-ing

OT security is now cost-effective, simple, and immediate.

In other words: no more OT excuses.


by leading automation providers, visibility platforms, and system integrators.


so there is no vendor lock-in for your enterprise cyber needs.


in the most demanding OT environments.

paper mill cybersecurity

Paper Mill uses Opscura to Secure the Plant Without Downtime or Reengineering

railway statins cybersecurity

Railway Uses Opscura to Securely Connect Disparate Building Automation Systems

legacy machinery cybersecurity

Industrial Manufacturing Company Uses Opscura to Extend the OpEx Value of Legacy Machinery


Achieve instant OT security in three simple steps.
Here’s how.

Drop in our solution

Drop-in our solution

Physically plugging into existing networks.
Deploys in 2 hours or less.

Get the data you need

Get the data you need

From your plants, factories, substations and remote assets. Right to any visibility tool.

Provide protection and segmentation

Provide protection and segmentation

—in addition to visibility— to your zones and critical assets.

That’s it! Easy, fast, and cost-effective.

All, with near-zero downtime, no re-architecting, no re-IPing, no configuration changes and no new layer 3 switches.

“They were able to provide the visibility we needed before my coffee got cold.”

CISO of a multi-national transportation company

Working together, faster, and smarter to protect the critical infrastructures that power our world.

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