Railway Uses Opscura to Securely Connect 3,000+ Stations in Just 2 Hours with Zero Downtime

Download this success story to find out how Opscura helped the railway securely connect disparate building automation systems and to collect usage data for analytics.

The challenge

A state-owned railway, managing both freight and passenger train services across a network of more than 3,000 stations, struggled with hidden costs, escalating timelines, vendor lock-in, and management complexities – as well as an untenable amount of predicted passenger disruption.

The solution

Opscura delivered a secure, easy-to-manage solution with:

  • 2-hour deployment per station with zero downtime
  • a communication system parallel to their OT network
  • no vendor-lock-in

Get the success story to learn how Opscura ensured the railways’ security, business continuity, and cybersecurity compliance.

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