Built through real-world projects at global manufacturing, transportation and renewable energy providers, Opscura technology protects and connects the very heart of operational networks.

Why OT Security Needs to go Deeper Than Traditional IT Security… and How To Get There

Ot protection

OT Protection

Opscura protects your operational technology (OT) by transparently isolating and cloaking industrial assets and data

  • Prevents attacks outright
  • Disrupts key attack phases such as Reconnaissance, Initial Access, Discovery,
    and Lateral Movement
  • Supports IEC 62443 compliance
  • Supports Zero Trust for OT
Crypto Segmentation

Crypto Segmentation

Opscura uses cryptography to segment your network, isolating mission-critical OT assets from everything else

  • Transparent to OT and IT systems
  • Operates at OSI Layer 2 (fully compatible with any Ethernet protocol, including Profibus, GOOSE, BACNet, and Modbus)
  • Enables “Defense-in-Depth” without IT upgrades or redesigning your network
  • Enables authentication by zone
Vulnerability Masking

Vulnerability Masking

Opscura masks the vulnerabilities in your OT assets from your IT network through a transparent security cloaking technique

  • Allows patching when convenient
  • Protects legacy products that can’t be patched
Frictionless Encryption

Frictionless Encryption

Opscura manages the hard parts of cryptography automatically

  • Fully automated key and certificate management
  • High-speed low-latency encryption for time sensitive OT protocols
Virtual Span Port

Virtual Span Port

Opscura streams data to security monitoring and threat management tools

  • Provides visibility to assets hidden by switches
  • Maximizes existing investments in monitoring tools (Claroty, Nozomi, etc.)
  • Notifies approved teams of high-fidelity alerts
  • Controls OT data sharing
Partner Agnostic Design

Partner Agnostic Design

Opscura integrates with operation, information, and security technology from everyone

  • Integrates regardless of preferred OEM (Honeywell, Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens, etc.)
  • Layer 2 technology ensures compatibility and empowers security integrators

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