Paper Mill uses Opscura to Secure the Plant Without Downtime or Reengineering

Download this success story to find out how Opscura helped a 150K ton per year pulp & paper plant enhance visibility and implement segmentation within their plant.

The challenge

An initial estimation set the bar at a staggering $1 million for network reengineering, retrofitting projects, and software changes in the PLCs. The prospect of planned and unplanned downtime, labor, and hardware expenses, and IT/OT friction only compounded the implementation’s strain.

The solution

Opscura stepped in and increased the cybersecurity level of the plant with…

  • Zero downtime
  • Deep visibility into OT networks
  • No re-IP, reconfiguration, or reengineering of the network
  • Legacy asset cloaking
  • A total implementation cost under $40,000

Get the success story to learn how Opscura secured the plant without downtime, or network reengineering –at a far more palatable investment.

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