Gaining visibility in
hard-to-crack OT environments

We all recognize the risk and importance of gaining visibility for our mission-critical plants, factories, and stations in the energy, water, manufacturing, and transportation industries… but appreciating the value is not the same as actually delivering the visibility.

They say that “visibility is not enough” and we wholeheartedly agree, but it is the first step.

In this webinar, we use real-world case examples to explore the technological and human reasons why gaining visibility in OT environments is different and far more challenging than in IT environments – and how to solve them.

Dr. Gerard Vidal, CTO and Founder of Opscura, and Rafael Vidal, IT Governance and Cybersecurity Business Manager of Nunsys, outlined:

  • The importance and difficulties of obtaining visibility and segmentation in OT environments
  • Four quick case examples: Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy, and WasteWater
  • Some non-intuitive issues and hidden costs you might encounter
  • Pro-level tips and techniques, including a ‘quick start’ process

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Dr. Gerard Vidal
Co-Founder & CTO at Opscura
Rafael Vidal
IT Governance and Cybersecurity Business Manager