Why OT Security Needs to go Deeper Than Traditional IT Security… and How To Get There.

Mapping CMMC requirements to Opscura Lunaria

Securing OT infrastructure is rapidly becoming a top priority for many nations—and for OT-reliant companies. It’s clear that IT security measures aren’t enough to protect OT infrastructure.

Brownfield networks are extraordinarily complex with limited visibility into layers and devices. They operate at OSI Layer 2 and Purdue Level 2 or lower—beyond the Layer 3 reach of IT security. They often encompass legacy systems and vulnerabilities that can’t easily be remediated.

OT networks also are latency-sensitive, lacking the capabilities to effectively power IT security solutions without impacting production. Worse still, downtime is either debilitatingly expensive for OT environments or simply not feasible.

But you can secure them… more easily than you’d think. And without needing to re-architect the network or re-assign the IP addresses.

Download our paper, Achieving Deep Security for Industrial Networks to see how Opscura takes your cyber defenses deep into OT infrastructure. You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement security zones without changing existing network infrastructure or IP addressing
  • Gain instant visibility into OT environments, mapping devices and data flows
  • Stream OT security data to IT security tools
  • Protect assets or cloak them from cyber threats and bad actors
  • Deploy security in a day; manage it easily without requiring cybersecurity skills

Cyber threats don’t miss opportunities. You shouldn’t either.

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